Why us?

We do not rely on a gut feeling.

A proper diagnosis is crucial for successful repair of motors and inverters. Every repair is preceded by a series of specialised tests, including:
  • heat runs with servomotors and asynchronous motors
  • diagnostics using specialised software provided by the motor manufacturers
  • testing drives using dedicated motors
  • diagnosis using a broad range of AC/DC motors with power from several to several dozen kilowatts
  • backup of parameters and settings

We always fight until the end!

We are aware that not every servomotor or inverter can be reliably fixed; however, we never leave our clients without help. Thanks to our extensive cooperation with the leading manufacturers of drives, inverters and soft starters, we will be immediately able to find a substitute or order a replacement, thus minimising the downtime at your company.

We take proper care of all equipment fixed by us!

Every drive fixed at our company undergoes thorough cleaning and maintenance in addition to the necessary repairs. Keeping the components
clean and replacing worn parts (such as fans) prolongs their life and directly impacts its reliability.

Servomotor and servo inverter experts!

  • We conduct simulations using parameters provided by our clients
  • we select the proper substitute drives
  • We bring in and test used drives
  • Our repairs are comprehensive - we never leave our clients with a damaged motor
  • we collaborate with the leading manufacturers of drives and inverters
and more...