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What We can do for You?

ELAU repair:

  • SH Pacdrive serwomotors
  • Serwo motors Pacdrive SM,
  • Serwo motor drive MC-4,
  • Industrial Computers Pacdrive C200, C400, C600
  • Control systems P600
  • Operator panels,
  • Drivers PLC, Modules CPU
  • Power Supplies Pacdrive PS-5,
  • Power modules, power supply modules
  • Systems of communication, modules input/output

Scope of service Pacdrive SH motor, Pacdrive SM motor, engine Pacdrive SCL, MC-4 drives, industrial computers, power supplies:

power blocks tests

diagnostics communication systems

backups of settings and parameters

repair and replacement of metering systems

positioning measurement systems to the shaft

rewinding motors

diagnostics units CPU

tests and replacement of displays

regeneration and replacement keyboards

functional tests of devices