Why is it worth to service your Simodrive equipment with us?

We fix all Indramat devices!

Our extensive experience with repairing Simodrive devices enables us to effortlessly service equipment such as:
  • 6SN1145, 6SN1146, 6SN1112 power supply units
  • 6SN1123, 6SN1124, 6SN1125, 6SN1140 power modules
  • 6SN1118, 6SN1122 controller modules
  • 6SN1121 spindle controller cards
  • 6SN1130 VSA modules
  • 6SN1135 spindle drives

We always fight until the end!

We are aware that not every Siemens Simodrive device can be reliably fixed; however, we never leave our clients without help. Thanks to our extensive experience with servicing Simodrive devices and well-equipped spare parts stock, we will be immediately able to find a substitute or order a replacement, thus minimising the downtime at your company. You can also contact us if you are interested in Siemens Simodrive products.

Professional Siemens Simodrive test benches!

Functional tests of Simodrive drives cannot be carried out without a well-prepared test bench. Our test benches enable us to offer a comprehensive service and repairs of Simodrive power supply units and drives, which guarantees proper operation of the devices after the repair. We use Sinumeric 810D and 840 for repairing, testing and diagnostics of Simodrive devices.

Specialised Simodrive service!

  • Post-warranty Siemens Simodrive repairs
  • Selection of proper Siemens substitutes
  • Repairs of end-of-life Simodrive devices
  • Simodrive Siemens drive and controller card service