Why you should choose us to repair your REXROTH equipment?

We repair any REXROTH device!

Many years of experience in Rexroth repairing allows us to easily service the device such as:
  • HME, HMD, HDS, HDD servo axis modules
  • HMV, HVE, HVR axis group feeder
  • HCS servo motor drive.

We always fight to the end!

We are aware that not every Rexroth is suitable for repair. However, we never leave our customers without help Thanks to many years of experience in servicing Rexroth devices, we are able to instantly choose a substitute or get a replacement device, minimising downtime at your facility. If you are interested in Rexroth products, feel free to contact us!

We take care of the equipment we repair !

Every repaired Rexroth, in addition to the standard servicing, is subject to thorough cleaning and maintenance. Keeping the components clean and replacing wearable components (e.g. fans, contactors) prolongs the life of the drive and significantly affects its operation stability.

Specialised Rexroth service!

  • Rexroth post-guarantee repairs
  • Choosing Rexroth substitutes
  • Repairing Rexroth devices withdrawn from the market
  • Rexroth drives and feeders service