Why is it worth to service your INDRAMAT equipment
with us?

We fix all Indramat devices!

Our extensive experience in repairing Indramat devices enables us to effortlessly service equipment such as:
  • HVE, HVR, HZF, KDV, KVR, NAM, TBM, TCM, TVD, TVM power supply units
  • DDS, DKC, DKR, HCS, HDD, HDS, HMS, KDS, TDM, TRK, TRM drive controllers
  • KDA, TWM, RAC 2, RAC 3, RAC 4, KDW spindle drives
  • 2AD, MAC071, MAC090, MAC112, MDC, MDD, MKD, MHD, MSK servomotors
  • PLC Indracontrol L, PPC Controls, Indramat CLM Control, Indramat CLC Control systems
  • Indradrive drives

We always fight until the end!

We are aware that not every Indramat device can be reliably fixed; however, we never leave our clients without help. Thanks to our extensive experience with servicing Indramat devices, we will be immediately able to find a substitute or order a replacement, thus minimising the downtime at your company. You can also contact us if you are interested in Indramat products.

We take proper care of all equipment fixed by us!

Apart from the necessary repairs, every Indramat device fixed at our company undergoes thorough cleaning and maintenance. Keeping the components
clean and replacing wear parts (such as fans or contactors) prolongs their life and directly impacts its reliability.

Specialised Indramat service!

  • Post-warranty Indramat repairs
  • Selection of proper Indramat substitutes
  • Repairs of end-of-life Indramat devices
  • Indramat drive and motor repairs