Why us?

We do not rely on a gut feeling!

A proper diagnosis is crucial for successful encoder repair. Every repair is preceded by a series of specialised tests, including:
  • signal tests using diagnostic software
  • tests for the correctness of communication between the encoder and PLC CNC driver
  • comprehensive diagnostics of optical systems
  • load tests using the motor and the drive
  • measuring wheel diagnostics

We always fight until the end!

We are aware that not every encoder can be reliably fixed; however, we never leave our clients without help. Thanks to our extensive cooperation with the leading manufacturers of encoders, we will be immediately able to find a substitute or order a replacement, thus minimising the downtime at your company.

We offer a broad range of Heidenhain substitute encoders.

Due to the long delivery times and prices of original encoders, substitute encoders are often the only sensible alternative. Thanks to our extensive cooperation with Precizika Metrology we will be able
to deliver substitutes of the most popular Heidenhain encoders in no time. All substitute encoders are characterised by their high quality and affordable price.

We are encoder experts!

  • We conduct simulations using parameters provided by our clients
  • we select proper substitute encoders
  • We take in and test used encoders
  • Our repairs are comprehensive - we never leave our clients with a damaged motor
  • Measuring systems are not only encoders - we also deal with resolvers, tachogenerators and linear scales
and more...